Thursday, May 28, 2009

Strange food habits and where i picked them up

Remember when Donna Martin admits to liking popcorn on her ice cream? Consider this blog entry my that.

- Sugar, instead of syrup, on pancakes and waffles. This (delicious) idea came about in the summer of 1993 in sleepaway camp. The Scouts (my bunk that year) were notorious for having food fights. Whenever we started a food fight we would lose privileges to certain foods. Syrup, in all it's stickiness, was one of the first to go. So, we replaced it with straight sugar and I've never looked back.

- Eating spaghetti sauce, cold, right of of the jar with a spoon. This is something i started doing in college when i had gazpacho for the first time, because it's basically the same thing right?

- Another college treat is something my good buddy Sarah calls doody. We didn't have ovens or anything so we would buy brownie mix and just mix water in until it was a doody consistency. I don't still do this, but it was effing good.

- Another delicious snack I have given up involves rolling 3 marshmallows in a fruit roll up and then twisting the ends. This creation never received a name, unfortunately. I learned this one from kids i was babysitting in probably like 1997 or so.

- Have you ever had a cream cheese bagel with doritos smashed in it? Well, you should, because it's delicious. I used to eat these when i worked at Baja. Every high school kid in long beach eats them. You don't even have to buy the bag of doritos you just order them on the actual bagel.

- Tomatoes with ketchup. redundant? yes! pretty tasty? indeed! This was another camp thing. I don't remember how it started. Probably some diet my whole bunk was on one year or something.

I can't think of any more...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This is it.

Last week Brandon and I ran into a homeless guy i've made out with.
This is my life.

psychoanalyze away

At this suckfest of a job I am often on the phone, on hold. During this time I write things down absent-mindedly. Here are some highlights from the notepad next to my phone:

“Special themes in literature:
- frogs talking
- really anything that doesn’t talk, talking
- even babies. But really young ones.”

“Here I come Pig” and then a drawing of mickey mouse.

“sunny-side down eggs. Sad.”

“Momentarily. Momentarily. Momentarily. Momentarily. Momentarily. Momentarily. Momentarily. Momentarily. Momentarily. Momentarily. Momentarily. Momentarily. Momentarily. Momentarily. Momentarily.”

“This is effed.”

“is this region mountainous?”

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

more things that happened today

this is basically twittering right? should i twitter?

1- got an email entitled "cake." and then it was about how someone at work wanted cake, not that there was cake to be had. thanks a lot for that fake out (cake out).

2- i told my boss he was like uncle scrooge from duck tales except instead of the smell of money waking him up it's the sound of envelopes being opened with a letter opener. he kind of laughed.

Some things that have happened today already:

1- dropped id card and 6 dollars in toilet at work. retreived it.

2- got a bluberry muffin in which the ratio of blueberries to muffin was incredibly unsatisfactory. i'm sorry, i thought i ordered a blueberry muffin not fucking baked blueberries with an occassional bite of pastry.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

mergh update mergh

Very quick:
still at shity job. working on getting outta here.but wn't blog about all that because i've learned from the mistakes of my friends.
got awesome new aladdin-style pants that i will wear all summer.
told pat i'm moving out in the fall. it was sad. I love him very much.
working on lots o comics. more to come. also thinking of making a comics and cakes only website. because some people might just want to read comics and see some super kick cakes, but not read about farts and sex.