Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Signs of (my) times

I feel like you know you have a shitty job when you use a letter opener at work. Like a lot. And not for fan mail.

Funny things Pat said during scenes of fraternity hazing on Greek last night

(from memory because he threw out the pizza box that i took notes on)

"There is nothing i want to be a part of badly enough that i would like, eat something gross."

"Oh sit on this block of ice." (which didn't happen on the show. He just thinks that's hazing.)

"I don't need friends that make me puke and then lick the puke. excuse me."

"Touching dude's dicks? that's ok. I would do that. Dick skin is like face skin."

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

update on which American Idols I'd eff

No on Von Smith. Not even oral. sorry. Even though he managed to not break into hives tonight for the first time ever.

and forgive my not being able to tell, but i have a history if this: is he gay?