Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New column

I'm introducing a new "column" today to my blog. It's going to be called: "things i lied about today." Because as it turns out, i tell a couple fibs each day and they're usually funny. Also, i'm not going to tell you the context so that'll add a nice twist to it, don't you think?
Ok, and now for the inaugural edition of "Lies I told today" (I realize that a couple sentences ago i referred to it as "things i lied about today." I'm a girl; we're fickle as fuck.

1 - "Yeah, I think my brother is friends with him." No i don't.

2- "I'm right on top of that rose." No I'm not, and your name isn't even rose.

3- "I think we're safe. It's been 5 days." We're fucked.

That's it for now. let me know if this is a column we think should continue.

What's coming down, what's coming down, what's coming down on me?

No, not acid rain. Pressure.
I am feeling a lot of pressure to blog. It turns out i don't really like blogging so much. I just figured out what tagging is. I'm gonna tag the shit outta this post.

I am really big on Halloween. Really big. I used to make my ex boyfriend send me halloween greeting cards. When you see those cards and think "who the fuck buys these?" the answer is, me. Or anyone who is dating me and wants to get some in late october / early november.
Anyway, I'm having trouble deciding what to dress as this year. I was thinking i'd like to be someone from watchmen because i love that comic and i want to do it before everyone jumps on board because of the movie. But i had a dream last night that i went as rorschach and there were like 20 other rorschachs. lame.

Maybe i'll make this the kind of blog in which (at which? through which?) I ask my readers for advice / responses. So, Pat, my only reader, what do you think i should be for halloween? also, we're out of toilet paper. shit at work or adrienne's. love you!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the corporate ladder leads to a tree house.

I just pretended to like The Hold Steady so that my boss would think I'm cooler than i am.